Tray bleaching is a type of professional whitening that uses custom-made trays and whitening gel available only through your dentist. The whitening gel is placed in custom-fitted trays that fit perfectly over your teeth. Custom trays allow for proper application of gel which will minimize sensitivity and waste of gel.

  • Brush and floss teeth prior to bleaching. Make sure trays are clean and dry before applying gel.
  • Place a SMALL drop of gel in the center on the inner front surface of the tray. You only have to bleach the front 6-8 teeth.  The average treatment per arch requires ¼ of a syringe.
  • Seat the tray firmly, wipe excess gel of your gums with your finger or a tissue.
  • 35% carbamide peroxide can be used for 30min to 1 hour once or twice per day. Do not exceed 1 hr/application.
  • Remove your tray and rinse off your teeth.
  • Wash your trays with soapy water and store in appropriate case for future use. Unused beach may be refrigerated for future use.  The initial cost of the trays with 2 syringes is $150.  Future purchase of each bleach syringe is $25.  It is recommended that patients use 1-2 syringes every 6 months to help maintain their white smile.