At Inspired Dental we will work with you to maintain your natural teeth.  Unfortunately, sometimes permanent dentures are the only alternative to provide the appearance of teeth and allow for proper eating and speaking.  The process of fabricating the permanent dentures begins 4-6 months after extractions to ensure sufficient healing has occurred.  Getting permanent dentures takes several appointments over 3-6 weeks to ensure a great fit and excellent appearance.  Following delivery of dentures, adjustments may be necessary to ensure a comfortable fit early on.

When you first receive your permanent dentures, your dentist will recommend that you wear them 24 hours a day for the first day.  Once you have adjusted to the dentures, you can remove them at night to allow normal stimulation of the gum tissues which helps keep your gum tissue healthy.  Scrub your dentures using a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture cleanser daily.  We will continually monitor the fit of your dentures at your routine check-up appointments.