Dental TechnologyDigital Xray

At Inspired Dental we are aware that implementing new technology is vital to streamlining treatments and providing for a better experience for the patients and our team. We are excited to move into a bigger office which will allow us the continued opportunity to adopt new technology like digital xrays, the diode laser, and intraoral scanner.

Some of the technology currently in use are digital xrays which allow us the ability to contribute to a very minor exposure compared to other natural and man-made exposures. Digital xrays are highly accurate and have enabled a much lower amount of radiation exposure compared to conventional film. Intraoral cameras are also used as an adjunct to digital xrays for detecting issues without contributing to further radiation exposure.

A dental laser is an additional technology being used at Inspired Dental. This technology allows for superior cutting power on multiple dental procedures. The laser allows us to reduce pain for the patient and accelerate healing. Lastly, the diode laser is often used at the office as an adjunct to hygiene maintenance helping to reduce harmful bacterial counts.

In addition to digital xrays and the diode laser, the intraoral scanner has also streamlined treatment and improved treatment outcomes. Our 3Shape TRIOS scanner has become a crucial component to our everyday treatments. The intraoral scan of the teeth allows for more accuracy and more effective communication to the lab. It allows for a detailed record of the teeth prior to treatment, improved shade matching, and enhanced infection control due to less conventional impressions.

We look forward to our continued implementation of technology to make all dental experiences more comfortable, safer, and predictable.