Guru: Get to Know Your Dental Health Needs

LaVista Dentist to Treat CavitiesWhat if you could examine everything your future dental care entailed while sitting in your easy chair at home? If you could open your computer and be educated on exactly what went wrong or right with your teeth and how to take the very best care of them in the future?

Guru, a patient educational software program used at Inspired Dental, can do all these things and more. Guru gives you the tools you need to make critical dental decisions.

At the Appointment

Dental Care in La VistaWith Guru, your dental appointment starts out as usual: we take your x-rays and intraoral pictures to see what’s going on and what needs to be treated. Dr. Caudillo will still interpret them for you, pointing out trouble spots that need to be addressed so you can understand why you need the treatments prescribed.

Once Dr. Caudillo has determined your needs and options for treatment, she’ll set Guru to play short 20-30 second videos that will clearly explain what happens during that treatment. The images in this article are all screen shots from Guru videos.¬†With these tools, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your own dental care.

After the Appointment

Fill Cavities in La Vista, Omaha, PapillionYour Guru files are emailed to you after your appointment is completed so you can look at the same x-rays and other information you had at the office. This ensures you can more easily make decisions about your dental care, discussing needs and future plans with your family.

Inspired Dental would love to help you with your dental care and introduce you to Guru. Contact us below today to make an appointment!