Candy Buyback Program

We Want Your Candy!

(But its for a good cause.)

We hope you and your kids have a great time collecting candy in the neighborhoods this year! However, the American Dental Association recommends that you reduce children’s temptations to eat candy by not keeping all of your stash. They say, “Have your family pick their favorites and donate the rest.” And we’re here to help you with that with our Candy Buy-Back Program!

We Will Buy Your Candy!

We’ll give you $1 per pound of candy, up to 5 pounds. That’s money your kids can use to buy a new toy instead!

Your Candy Supports Our Troops

In partnership with Operation Gratitude, all candy donations will be shipped overseas to our troops.

Tuesday November 1st from 2 pm – 7 pm

Come by during those hours to take advantage of this program.