Brushing Away your Kids’ Bad Dental Habits

Kid Brushing Teeth

You know how important it is for your kid to learn how to take care of their teeth. Even so, getting them to realize the importance can take some work. At Inspired Dental a Papillion Dentist, we know that every kid is different. That means, if you want to instill good dental habits in your kids, you will have to do it the way they want it!

Here, we mention some useful tips that will help you get started. If you don’t think these tips will work on your kid, don’t despair just yet. Nobody knows them better than you do. Pick something that you know your kid is fond of and try incorporating it into a daily brushing regime.

Tip # 1 for the Tube Lovers

If your children love watching TV, then it is likely that they are fans of the characters making up the world of Disney. It shouldn’t be too hard to get them to start brushing with the help of the Disney Magic Timer. Using characters from the kids’ beloved shows, this app encourages kids to brush. The longer they can go brushing regularly, the more prizes your kids will win. If that doesn’t encourage your little TV-watchers, then what would!

Tip # 2 for the Independent Ones

We know too well that no two kids gravitate towards the same interest. That’s why we also have a tip for kids who like doing stuff on their own. If your kid loves doing things that way, then don’t get into a power struggle with them over brushing. Instead, turn it into an opportunity where they take responsibility for brushing their own teeth independently.

Tip # 3 for the Doll Players

These days, there is a doll for everything! That includes a doll that has been designed to get your kids to start brushing. Some kids learn much faster when they can perform an act practically. Let them start brushing their doll’s teeth before they give their teeth the same treatment. If you don’t want to splurge on a new doll, then any old doll would do.

Tip # 4 for the Future Accountants

For some kids, nothing but an incentive or a reward will do. If that is how your kid learns to do stuff, then make brushing into a reward-earning task. Each time your child brushes their teeth, give them a sticker. Let them trade in a week’s worth of stickers for something that they will love, such as a toy or cookies, etc.

Tip # 5 for Scientists in the Making

Some kids need a reason before they are convinced to start doing something. Explain to your kid how not brushing their teeth can make them dirty and yellow. If they need a little nudge, try convincing them with pictures of bad teeth.

What do you think? Will your kid go for the tips mentioned above or not? Share with us, if you have something else in mind. If you have already helped your kid start brushing regularly, then share your method with the class!